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Steamer Guys has multiple locations to serve you. Having 3 offices around Metro Detroit, it’s safe to say we can serve you in a timely manner. 

By giving us a call, we’re able to route you to the right location. We also have added a new rug drop off location for customers that want more of an intensive cleaning. You may even opt to drop your vehicle, boat, RV, etc. to have detailed.

" I called Steamer Guys to clean my carpets and upholstery . Their price was comparable to other carpet cleaning businesses. They were available to accommodate me on my time schedule. They arrived at the time we had agreed upon. Jordan and Alex were friendly, good workers, and careful with my furniture. I was extremely happy with the results of the clean and stain removal they performed. I would recommend them to my family and friends, or anyone who wants their carpet and upholstery cleaned. "
Karen Nichols


Pet stains can become deeply lodged in the padding of your carpeted areas. The only way to fully get this out is to use a special tool called a “Water Claw” that every Steamer Guys van is equipped with. We flood the area with hot water and use special eco-friendly chemicals to remove. Our water claw creates a strong suction between the carpet and pad. You’ll be able to physically see the waste come out. Give us a call for those pesky animal stains at 734-681-3800.

Hot water extraction aka Steam Cleaning is one of many services that Steamer Guys provides. We would love the opportunity to serve you. Give one of our local franchises a call to see why our carpet cleaning services are second to none.

Overall dry time is affected by many different variants like humidity, air temperature, and if there is proper airflow. Depending on the previously listed conditions will depend on how fast your carpet drys. Typical drying times can be between 8 & 24 hours. Using any sort of drying mechanisms like box fans or turning your heat up can make the drying process accelerated. When Steamer Guys technicians clean a carpet we will always put furniture or items that could bleed through on blocks. Be sure to keep any blocked items off the carpet until it fully dries or there could be a color transfer. It’s also very important to be careful walking from slightly damp carpets to hard surfaced areas.

Steamer Guys does provide furniture moving free of charge. We are professional furniture movers so you can rest assured that we are careful when moving items. We aren’t able to move entertainment centers or anything that two technicians can’t maneuver.  Most of the time our equipment is able to go under any items that normally wouldn’t be able to be cleaned by our leading competitors.

Each room usually is around 20 minutes. Heavy traffic areas or stains are subject to increase our time spent per room.

Steamer Guys uses hot water extraction to clean carpet. This method is recommended by carpet manufacturers as a way of maintaining your carpeted areas.