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Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask about carpet cleaning.

Steamer Guys is not able to guarantee all stains nor will any other cleaner that is being honest. Sometimes carpet can become permanently discolored and the only way that this can be fixed is through dyeing. Our technicians can provide carpet crayon touch ups for stains that won’t come out and you don’t want dyed. Essentially it’s like putting makeup on and usually last until the next cleaning.

Yes. However, there are several items we can’t safely move like pianos, electronics, beds, dressers, etc. Our cleaning method does a fantastic job to go under even the tightest of areas. We’ll move whatever we can to ensure your getting a good thorough cleaning.

Most people think that hot water extraction is steam cleaning because of the vapor that is coming from the carpet cleaning wand at over 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Steamer Guys uses our proprietary cleaning process to deodorize your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.

Up to 85% of soil can be removed from a thorough vacuuming. We ask you to vacuum ahead of time and pick up any debris before the cleaning. If you choose to not do this before we come out, we’re able to do this for you.

Your carpet needs to be re-stretched.  Give us a call and we can make sure your carpet is flush again like when it was first laid.

The only way to officially remove the smell is to use a special tool called a Water Claw that pulls any urine deep in the pad of your carpet. Steamer Guys does provide urine removal as a service. Give us a call at 1-734-681-3800 to have one of our technicians serve you today.

An area is any room that can be up to 300 square feet or 15×20 (two-car garage). Any room combos like a living/dining room are considered two areas or anything over 300 square feet. Room sizes can vary by location.


How can I protect my carpet?

Most carpet usually has a dry soil type of protector applied from the mill. Overtime this is removed by every day traffic. Carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpets protected once a year and possibly more with heavier traffic areas. 

Having protection applied helps keep the carpet cleaner longer.

We use products that have natural bacterial enzymes to remove odor sources. In order for it work properly it must reach all contaminated surfaces. If the odor has reached the backing of the carpet then you will most likely need a deep extraction with a Water Claw that pulls any waste out of the padding.


Learn more about tile & grout cleaning.

Steamer Guys uses hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning to clean the tile and grout.

If your looking to do it yourself then make sure that your favorite cleaner won’t break down sealants that could be on the grout lines.

Steamer Guys recommends using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap to clean. Make sure you wait 10 minutes before cleaning for adequate dwell time. Are you still looking for the best grout cleaners? Give us call today.

We use hot water extraction to remove dirt and grime.

Give your local office a call to inquire how our cleaning process works.

An average room (300 sq. ft max) usually takes up to 60 minutes to clean. Many factors like tile size, soil, and much more can affect the time of completion. If you choose to have our techs apply a sealant this will usually take a few hours.


The scoop on hardwood cleaning.

Cleaning your hardwood floors can be a tough task and can cost you a lot of money if you damage your flooring. That’s why it’s best to call the Steamer Guys. However, if you’re up for the task then you need to identify what kind of hardwood you have and what kind of cleaner if ever has been applied in the past. Hardwood floors are usually sealed with polyurethane or wax so you will want to use a mild soap. You must stay away from high acidic cleaners because it can damage your floors over a period of time.

You shouldn’t attempt to have your area rugs cleaned on top of hardwood floors because of the possibility of the floors warping. Just move your rugs to a carpeted or tiled area to clean. If your house is all hardwood, give us a call to schedule a pickup for cleaning.

Standard mopping can’t reach the dirt that lies deep in the pores of your hardwood floor. Our hardwood floor cleaning process does by using a high-speed rotary brush that extracts the excess chemical. We’re also certified cleaners so you can rest assured our technicians are trained for your job.


How to keep your furniture clean!

We highly recommend against trying to deep clean your upholstery because you can damage it. However, if you decide to move forward here are some guidelines to follow. Make sure you look for the tag on your furniture to instruct you but if you change your mind and want to have a professional cleaner handle this for you, give us a call.


  • S — No water. You’ll need to purchase a special solvent-based cleaner.
  • WS — You can use water or a solvent-based cleaner on this sofa.
  • X — Vacuum only.
  • W— You can clean this material using water.


Typical drying times can range between 6-12 hours. Add on services like fabric protector can also affect time. Any type of air flow like box or ceiling fans can drastically cut drying times down. 

Using hot water extraction is how we’re able to provide a professional deep cleaning for you. Your furniture is left deodorized and the overall appearance is much brighter.


 Leather cleaning services done right.

Use a mild detergent to do simple wipe downs. If you’re looking for reconditioning services, Steamer Guys is able to provide that for you.

Having your furniture properly conditioned. Give the experts at Steamer Guys a call for all of your leather furnishing needs.

Many factors come into play like direct sun light and much more. We can provide a conditioner to your leather furniture to bring life back to it.


The dirty on natural stone cleaning.

We’re able to clean more than just indoor floors. Give us a call to learn more about all of the stone services that your local Steamer Guys provides.

Steamer guys recommends that you wait at least one hour for the sealer to dry. However, it takes 24 hours to cure completely.

Having your grout sealed creates a protective barrier to protect from unwanted spills and grime. They also make the floor look a lot nicer.

Depending on foot traffic, we recommend getting it done once every 6-12 months.


Let’s clear the air.

It’s not a good idea to try and clean your air ducts your self. You can severely damage your hvac system. Steamer Guys can be there when you need us most so you can finally achieve fresher air in your home or office. 

Cleaning cost varies depending on the amount of furnaces/vents. Typically, services are more than a few hundred dollars.

Getting your air ducts cleaned ensures your family can breathe better but if your still not sold on the idea, here are more reasons below:

  • Dirt gets clogged up overtime and will make your hvac system work harder which will cost you more money in the long run.
  • When you clean the entire hvac system, you are prolonging the life of your system. 



What to do when you have a water damage or water restoration emergency.

Steamer Guys is available 24 hours a day to help you with your emergency water damage loss. Call our 24 hour call center at 1-734-681-3800. One of our customer service representatives will have a certified water restoration professional to get in touch with you straight away.

When you first call we will have a water damage specialist reach out to you as soon as possible. We then do the following to help you save your home or office: 


  • Make sure your home’s structure and contents are dry, to the recommended industry standards for your area of the country. 
  • Dispatch certified and trained water damage experts to your home or office within a few hours.
  • Advise you of what to do to minimize your loss until our professionals arrive.
  • Provide commercial grade equipment to dry areas.
  • Use special instruments to find any hidden water.
  • Monitor the drying and dehumidification process.
  • Work with your insurance company to process any claims to get your home or office back to normal as fast as possible.

Call Steamer Guys at 1-734-681-3800 and our customer service team will find a water damage expert near you.


Questions and answers about area rug cleaning.

We use the same system that we do for your carpet called hot water extraction. Upon completion of your area rugs being cleaned, a technician may recommend scotch guard stain protection to prolong the life of the rug.

Rug cleaning prices are determined based on the size and material. If you have special stains that can’t be treated in home then the price can vary.

We use special chemicals to fully rinse any urine or waste in the fiber. Depending on if you attempted to treat the area yourself and with what type of chemicals will tell our technicians if we can actually remove the appearance of the stain. The smell will be gone however.

CAR, boat, & RV Cleaning

Cleaning upholstery is easy with Steamer Guys.

To clean your vehicles upholstery yourself:

  • Use a mild detergent or favorite cleaner.
  • Spray the spot and blot it up with a clean towel.
  • Repeat until the spot is gone.  
  • If your in need or professional cleaning, give the Steamer Guys a call!