Vacuuming is a great way to prolong the life of your rugs. But to keep them allergen free, Steamer Guys recommends an area rug cleaning.

Steamer Guys uses over 225 degree hot water to deodorize any germs or allergens embedded deep in the fibers. Some people think hot water extraction is steam cleaning because of the steam that comes out from our equipment, but this is not the case. With our method of cleaning we are able to remove dirt and grime safely. You are then left with a clean area rug with no residue,



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"I have two toddlers at home. They decided to paint on the families brand new 15x10 area rug. I thought that the rug was trash after trying everything to get the paint stains out. Frustrated, I called Steamer Guys. They arrived promptly and were able to get all of the stains out. Steamer Guys even added a stain protector to the rug to help prevent this from happening again. Thanks again guys! "
Kim Downs


  1. Steamer Guys technicians will start by inspecting the area rugs that you want cleaned. If your rug is on hardwood floor, we will have to move them to a different part of your home.
  2. We will first spot treat any areas that need more attention.
  3. Then with hot water extraction we began to clean your rugs. The strong suction of our machine removes excess water so that your area rugs can dry fast.
  4. Finally, we provide a final inspection to insure your happy with the end results.


We use the same system that we do for your carpet called hot water extraction. Upon completion of your area rugs being cleaned, a technician may recommend scotch guard stain protection to prolong the life of the rug.

Rug cleaning prices are determined based on the size and material. If you have special stains that can’t be treated in home then the price can vary.

We use special chemicals to fully rinse any urine or waste in the fiber. Depending on if you attempted to treat the area yourself and with what type of chemicals will tell our technicians if we can actually remove the appearance of the stain. The smell will be gone however.