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air duct CLEANING

On average every year homes collect up to 40 lbs of dirt and allergens that get lodged in your air ducts. Anytime you use your air/heat these pollutants are being spread throughout your home or business. 

At Steamer Guys, we use a special filtered vacuum to clean your ducts and vents. The vacuum removes dirt & allergens that your breathing in daily.

" My kids and I all have asthma. My family neglected to get our air ducts cleaned out for quite a while. I called Steamer Guys and I tell you the stuff they were removing from my air ducts grossed me out. It's crazy to me that my family and I were actually breathing that in. Thanks again for Steamer Guys for doing such a good job and allowing my family to breathe a little easier. "
Melissa Hodge


  1. We first do a thorough inspection of your air ducts..
  2. When we complete our inspection, we then hook up our vacuum and blower to your ducts.
  3. Next, we use our duct cleaning tools to agitate any dirt out. The dirt and dust gets sucked into our truck.
  4. After the cleaning is over, we will show you the dirt and allergens we removed.


It’s not a good idea to try and clean your air ducts your self. You can severely damage your hvac system. Steamer Guys can be there when you need us most so you can finally achieve fresher air in your home or office. 

Cleaning cost varies depending on the amount of furnaces/vents. Typically, services are more than a few hundred dollars.

Getting your air ducts cleaned ensures your family can breathe better but if your still not sold on the idea, here are more reasons below:

  • Dirt gets clogged up overtime and will make your hvac system work harder which will cost you more money in the long run.
  • When you clean the entire hvac system, you are prolonging the life of your system.